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Results-based training in Leadership, Communication, and Train-the-trainer.

Our workshops go from PowerPoint to...powerful with a unique focus on facilitating interactivity, learners’ engagement and creative uses of technology. A sample of our workshop is available here.

We are committed to taking learning and innovation to the next level. Our results-based training workshops go “from PowerPoint to Powerful!” with a unique focus on interactivity and learner engagement. ParticipAction Consulting workshops are created based on the "Learning Construction Site", our signature training methodology to develop powerful result-based instruction for adults.

Our workshops transmit knowledge, skills and ability by tapping into the power of collaborative learning/hands-on practice, and by integrating creatively e-learning applications, web-conferencing sessions and web 2.0 tools with our innovative classroom experiences. The resulting learning workshops we create and continue to deliver have helped many organizations improve their management skills and efficiency. 

We have a full offering of courses ready for you, covering the areas of:

  • Leadership Development
  • Train-the-trainer
  • Teamwork

A collaborative design to meet your needs.

At ParticipAction Consulting, we know that each client has a unique set of training needs and that quite often meeting those needs requires some minimal level of customization of our materials. Always within budget and mindful of delivering a quality product, we look at the whole picture:  people, processes and technology. Working collaboratively with our clients we create the best possible conditions to ensure that the learning of your staff translates into your organization’s success.