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Walk in a learning space where the future of your organization shows up today in real teamwork, rather than in artificial teambuilding exercises. Deal with the real issues of your team. We don't need another hero! …

At we do team coaching differently. Our consulting work is focused on building a learning capacity in your team. We have been called the “anti-consultants” because we don't push leaders or teams to change. Instead, we encourage them to become more authentically who they really are.

With a solid business background, we have been in your shoes. We know you want expertise and tools that work and transfer quickly. Our interventions are geared to still make sense next Monday morning—and next year. Our approach is work-based and practical. Your objective—not the theory du jour—will be the basis of our work together with teams.

We are trained and experienced in current collaborative training and facilitation techniques (for example, Adaptive Leadership, Action Learning, World Café’, Immunity to Change, Unlearning and more), but we are not married to one methodology. We have enough experience in the trenches to know the value of using whatever works given the conditions—and the ability to shift gears when needed.

We build capacity. And believe that insights reside in moment of tension. So we accept the paradox of our work and our clients are grateful for this: our focus on results and deeper change is expressed at times in a total absence of action-orientation and step-mindedness.

In fact we resist the temptation of action, especially when action becomes an excuse to relieve the tension of organization’s difficult work of building self and shared understanding. This is how capacity and self-reliance is built in teams. And how I work myself out of the jobs…in order to do my job with excellence.