To fulfill the aspirations of teams and organizations through adaptive leadership; Greater innovation and collaboration to resolve our toughest challenge ... READY TO FIND YOUR ADAPTIVE EDGE?


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Leadership Development Leading requires the ability to both shape the future and adapt to it. We train leaders in both. Our tailor-made programs combine cutting-edge curricula and pedagogy with real world experiences to engage leaders at every level and develop adaptive capacity for organizations.     


Collaboration/Team Coaching   In an interdependent world, shared challenges require shared solutions. We help leaders and groups work together more effectively across silos, sectors, and different perspectives in order to address shared problems and opportunities.


Workshops/Training Powerful instruction delivered experientially with a focus on creating an healthy and artful balance between support and challenge. Learning that is delivered with a constant attention to its implementation in the real-world.


                                                                Dialogue/Conflict Resolution Truly transformational work often requires confronting hard realities, so we encourage creating a safe to dialogue around these “unspeakable” issues and being comfortable admitting to not knowing the answers. And we deal with differences engaging them forcefully but respectfully. 

Retreats/Planning/Visioning   Not planning as usual, we specialize in breakthrough thinking and acting— the kind of strategy required during times of disruptive change when the risks and opportunities are many. Reflecting a new paradigm of planning, our action-learning approach helps leaders be more effective, adaptive and resilient in the face of a rapidly changing world.    



Through our work with public and private sector organizations over the last 15 years, we have discovered three principles that are fundamental to creating extraordinary performance – no matter the type of organization.

1. Transformation of Leaders and Leadership Teams - Leaders and teams transform themselves as a critical pathway for delivering extraordinary results for their organizations

2. Alteration of Organizational Mindset  - Producing great results requires a mindset shift – a creative shift in the fundamental way people think

3. Intense Focus on Outcomes - Reframing the focus from tasks or activities to be performed to quantifiable outcomes to be produced and look for the most effective and creative way to deliver the results 


  • I don’t give you the answer but instead I teach you how to ask the questions to discover your own answers;
  • I don’t study a problem and issue a report but I work with you to solve problems;
  • I don’t do incremental change, instead I partner with you to cause a fundamental change in the way your organization works;
  • I don’t tell you what actions to take, but I help you become the change agent in your organization.

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