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Whether is a retreat or a strategic planning session or a visioning exercise, If we have never worked together before, here is a quick description of my style as a professional facilitator. My work is:

  • …Task-based (with work-problem you hired me to solve as the basis of the work in the retreat rather than theories)
  • …Rooted in the belief that organizations are not machine but living systems that evolve and change towards what gives them energy  
  • …Not married to one process per se: as a facilitator with more than 15 year experience I have learned the value of using whatever it works
  • ...Results-focused and guaranteed to give you the results you want in 100 days from the session.

we are not a traditional facilitators and do not shy away from conflict or vigorous debate in our retreats.

We attend to the power of relationship in team and am fully aware that the ultimate results or measure of our work is in helping the client reach their objective. (Hence our work with you in trying to understand what is exactly that you are trying to accomplish with your team…)

If you have doubts on the steps ahead for the retreat preparation, see a brief outline on Retreat Preparation Process.

It restates what we normally mention on the kick-off of our projects with the key deliverables and proposed plan of work.