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Walk in a learning space where the future of your organization shows up today: deal in the “now” with the challenges of tomorrow. Clarify your deeper purpose. Do the “work” rather than “enjoying the show”…

At we do leadership differently. Rather than PowerPoint slides or boring lectures, we create an immersive learning environment, we search for your deeper questions about yourself and your work, then we provide an artful balance between challenge and support that makes “deeper learning” that sticks possible.

We do this because we know adult learning theory and are expert in teaching experientially, but without ropes activity or walk in the wood! Rather through the creation of class experiences that test and “build the muscle” of your people, developing their ability to respond to the challenge of today’s organization.

How do you support your best to develop the leadership abilities in today high-demanding environment? Our class is a special space, a powerful learning lab where your leaders show up to do the “real work” of dealing creatively with leaders’ potentially disorienting, “defining moments” such as:

  • Working together effectively even with ambiguous boundaries,
  • Figuring out the “real” problem at hand and the “right” questions to ask to make progress,
  • Keeping people “in the game” while they are working out insurmountable differences between them,
  • Listening to yourself and treasuring your “reflective capacity” especially in the “heat of the moment”,
  • Speaking to the hearts and minds of people when the mood is frustration and resentment,
  • Organize coordinated, collective action when you have no authority or power to do so,
  • Failing publicly and still holding attention in the mist of chaos,
  • Hosting the difficult conversations that move the work toward shared understanding,
  • Challenging a group of people you are supposed to protect and guide in order to build their adaptive capacity.