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Ready to Unlearn?  Become more intentional about what you are asking yourself and others to unlearn. Develop the adaptive capacity of your team with a clear focus of what needs to be unlearned. Get clarity on the beliefs, skills and mental models that need to go in service of progress and better adaptation. Download Slide Show here.

Read my article: "Journey to Chaos and Back: Unlearning..."

The Leadership Consulting Practice of Adriano Pianesi

Here, professionals come together to solve complex problems and create a new, rewarding future.

With experience, vision, and proven collaborative tools, we support these leaders and teams that want to live in the promise of the possible.

 What do we do?

Our mission is to advance yours. 

ParticipAction Consulting – Leadership Solutions goes beyond developing management skills as a neat five-step process or teaching canned soft skills as a substitute for true leadership. We don’t use the term leadership lightly. Our work is rooted in the belief that people and organizations are not machines, but living systems that evolve and change towards what gives them energy.

We believe that a modern definition of leadership involves working on identity and mobilizing resources to deal with tough challenges. The first concept is internal to a leader; the latter is external—and focus on both is necessary.

Our expertise in assessment allows us to deliver on the promise of building self-awareness and understanding. Realistic project-work complements our program to bring the learning to life in the real setting of on-the-job challenges.

How do we exercise these concepts?

In many, and evolving, ways, including:

  • Learning how to learn and—importantly—unlearn on an ongoing basis
  • Dropping our attachment to answers and loving the heat of inquiry
  • Thinking systemically
  • Being mindful of our impact and intentions when our ideas are on trial in times of conflict
  • Resiliently believing in the reality of the possible, no matter the conditions
  • Exercising emotional intelligence
  • Cultivating adaptability under difficult conditions  
  • Improvising when making decisions with limited information

Why us?

We have been called the “anti-consultants” because we don't push leaders or teams to change. Instead, we encourage them to become more authentically who they really are.

With a solid business background, we have been in your shoes. We know you want expertise and tools that work and transfer quickly. Our interventions are geared to still make sense next Monday morning—and next year. Our approach is work-based and practical. Your objective—not the theory du jour—will be the basis of our work together.

We are trained and experienced in current collaborative adult learning and facilitation techniques (for example, Adaptive Leadership, Action Learning, World Café’, and Immunity to Change and Unlearning), but we are not married to one methodology. We have enough experience in the trenches to know the value of using whatever works given the conditions—and the ability to shift gears when needed.